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People Issues

Seems like they aren't listening, right? Would you like to know how to get everyone on the same page and get the results you expect? Well, the good news is that your team is already trying their best to do this. The bad news is that it might be your fault that they can't succeed. You see, it's more than just hiring the best people - you have to make sure they are in the right seat where they can thrive and grow. Once they are where they need to be, you have to give them the tools and resources so they can own their seat and be held accountable for it.

This is me. I'd love some help.

Not enough profit:

You thought you were going to be rich by now, but your balance sheet tells a different story. Maybe your business isn't growing because there isn't enough cash flow, or maybe it fluctuates because you can't seem to retain your customers and clients.

Let's figure out your sweet spot where you can make the most profits and keep your clients happy, while having the most fun possible.

This is me. I'd love some help.

No time:

Every entrepreneur/CEO has 136 issues they deal with simultaneously. Every idea seems great doesn’t it? You feel like you MUST tackle every item on your todo list, right? Wrong. Some issues are more critical than others and it's important to learn how to prioritize. Focus on the issues at hand and nip them in the bud before they spiral out of control.

This is me. I'd love some help.

Nothing is working:

That was me for almost a decade. Want to compare notes and figure out how to fix that? The problems lie somewhere in just 6 key components of your business and I guarantee we can find out what’s not working and fix it.

This is me. I'd love some help.

It's simple, not easy.

As a Certified EOS Implementer ®, I help people get what they want from their business through a simple, proven operating system: the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. I have a passion that you should feel in control of your life. And so what I do is I help you get control of that business.

To learn more about my EOS® Implementation email me at or click the button below:

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Without EOS®, we would have been slower to respond and not as capable of executing as a team. I’m thankful that our leadership team showcased a level of calm and responsiveness to coming up with thoughtful approaches to handling the situation. My confidence in the company’s success continues to be strong for now and the future.

Joe Alapat
CEO, Founder, Visionary, Liongard

We have considered ourselves relatively lucky. We have not faced a major crisis due to COVID, and I truly feel very bad for the restaurants, bars, and other industries that have been devastated by this. This is such an unexpected insane event that nobody could have possibly planned for. With that said, I believe companies that acknowledge that such situations will come in the future and have a plan of attack for it will have a definite advantage.

Kris Cowan
Co-owner, South Coast Industries

Having Mark for his one-on-one check-ins, and as a facilitator at the quarterly allowed us to maximize the focus we get from the EOS® program and allowed me as a leader to participate during the meeting rather than lead it, where I would have to take notes, be thinking about what I was going to say next, etc...That freedom dramatically improved the depth of the conversation.

Paul Fury
CEO & Visionary, The Fury Group

The first time I heard of EOS® was when Mark spoke at an event. It was immediately clear that we really need to implement it. As a result, Ceremity leadership is strongest it has ever been, we are focused, clear about our vision, get to the root of issues, and drive business through objectives and metrics. I could not be happier. Money well spent.

Vladimir Collak
CEO, Ceremity

I hate that I am always wrong. I love that I am willing to do things differently.
My two biggest areas of resistance with EOS® have been the core value and the quarterly meetings. I love both of them now. I really feel great having done the quarterly meeting. Super well received and it was actually fun. Thank you.

PS. I really love EOS®.

Terrie Gerke
CEO, Reach Healthcare Services


My story is just like many entrepreneurs.  I started and grew my business as much as I could. Then I lost control.

I started fighting to find the missing Tip, Trick or Silver Bullet I needed to finally let the company’s growth explode.   After 7 long years I was frustrated and burnt out.  I wondered if I had lost the passion that I once had for the business I had created.

Then I figured it out.  I had been thinking about it all wrong.  What I finally learned
helped me eventually sell the business. Then I was asked to run the growth strategy for the company who bought mine where we tripled the revenue in less than three years.

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