Presskit: Mark Henderson Leary

Mark Henderson Leary’s story is just like that of many entrepreneurs. At 27, he started and grew his business as much as he could. Then he lost control.
He started searching for the missing tip, trick, or silver bullet needed to finally let the company’s growth explode. After 7 long years, he was frustrated and burnt out. He wondered if he’d lost the passion he’d once had for the business he had created.

Then he figured it out. He had been thinking about it all wrong. What he finally learned helped him eventually sell his business. Then he was asked to run the growth strategy for the company who bought it, and he helped triple the revenue in less than three years.

Now, Mark helps people get what they want from their business through a simple, efficient, and comprehensive system: the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. As a Certified EOS Implementer®, he has a passion that people should feel in control of their lives, so he helps them get control of their businesses. Mark has worked with hundreds of companies in small and large ways to help them live their best entrepreneurial lives now and run businesses that matter by helping them get out of their own way, simplify how they run their businesses, and giving them access to the same tools and information that the most successful companies are using.

Mark loves to help healthcare private practice owners get the most out of their people, their businesses, and themselves while scaling their practices to multiple locations. He is the host of the podcast Practice Freedom: Leading and Scaling Your Private Healthcare Practice, where he has conversations with optometrists, plastic surgeons, disease specialists, and more about their successes and failures, habits and world-views, and insights on running a successful practice without losing their love for the field of medicine.

Possible Episode Topics:

  1. The Trinity of an ideal practice: Life changing patient outcomes, a profitable business, and living the happy and healthy life you deserve
  2. Why Visionaries need Integrators
  3. The choice: Am I a business leader or am I a doctor?
  4. Managing doctors and other myths


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