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CJ DuBe’ has always been an entrepreneur. With more than 25 years of experience, CJ knows a lot about business and people. Not following a traditional path, CJ has worked in a variety of capacities, from managing a sales team for a large international company to Director of Operations and HR for a facilities management firm. Seeing the need for talent management, CJ began consulting with businesses on their talent acquisitions and management functions. In 2006, along with two other talented entrepreneurs, CJ launched the professional contract placement firm Oberon, which in 2009 was ranked third on the Minneapolis – St. Paul Business Journal’s Fast 50 Awards. After selling Oberon CJ went looking for her next entrepreneurial venture and was introduced to Gino Wickman’s book TRACTION. Seeing the benefits of companies Implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), CJ had found her next obsession. Since 2010 helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams have become CJ’s passion. During her journey, she has helped over 100 companies clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. An award-winning entrepreneur with a dynamic background, CJ is also a sought-after speaker. She speaks throughout North America to spread the word of EOS and to help companies and leadership teams get better at three things: VISION, TRACTION and HEALTH.

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Many people become entrepreneurs because they want to take control over their life, but it often feels like our business is running us instead of the other way around. This is especially true for visionaries who always feel like they need to keep coming up with plans and keep finding solutions to existing issues. CJ DuBe is a Certified EOS Implementer who has worked with over 113 entrepreneurial companies to date and is a sought after speaker. She is also a mother to seven children and a doting grandmother to 9 grandkids. Juggling work, family, and personal hobbies feel like impossible to a lot of entrepreneurs, but you too can take control of your business and your life and the first step is to make sure your business is strong in these aspects: Vision, Traction, and Health.

2:38 - Most entrepreneurs feel like their business is running them more than they're running their business

20:03 - The most important thing for visionaries is to find that puzzle piece that is their integrator

38:25 - Business leaders, especially visionaries, need clarity breaks - time to just stop and reflect on what you're doing.

50:52 - Balance is a process and a journey that you only achieve by being open and trying different things.

1:08:03 - CJ's passionate plea to entrepreneurs




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