Overcoming Challenges Through People Culture and Stellar Customer Service | George Joseph

January 27, 2021

Episode Summary

George Joseph is currently the CEO of both Common Bond and Positive Recovery. He was CEO/Owner of Right Step Drug and Alcohol rehab program for almost 20 years until he sold it in 2012. He has had over 300 employees and over 30 million in revenue. He is currently growing both Common Bond and Positive Recovery to multiple locations and service lines.

Episode Note

The restaurant industry has experienced the biggest impact from COVID-19, but we've also seen several businesses from this sector innovate and rise up to the challenge. Today, I am joined by George Joseph, who is the CEO of Common Bond Bakery Brasserie Bistro. George has always been an advocate of company culture, and today he shares with us how having the right people, the right culture, and the right customer service mindest has helped him innovate and keep his restaurant going strong through this pandemic. 

3:24 - There are two ways to react to challenges - you either get really fearful and curl up in a ball, or you get inspired.

12:34 - How do you cope with waking up every day not knowing if you have a business or not

18:05 - How George used the pandemic as a challenge to pivot and innovate his business

22:31 - Start with the basics - find the need and then solve for it.

25:27 - Similarities between the restaurant and rehab business

32:38 - Hire slow, and fire fast

40:29 - If you enable your employees, it hurts everybody. If you let things slide with one employee, other employees will be resentful.

47:13 - Keep looking for improvements and opportunities, but don't take shortcuts and don't get complacent

52:11 - Because of the pandemic, people are realizing that there's a lot they can do that they didn't think they could do before.

52:50 - George's passionate plea to entrepreneurs

"Understand your customer and provide the best possible service you can provide."




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