In an Increasingly Complex World, How Can You Focus on What Matters Most? | Rich Mulholland

April 21, 2021

Episode Summary

With speaking engagements in over 30 countries on six continents, rock-and-roll roadie turned entrepreneur Richard Mulholland knows the impact that memorable presentations can make firsthand. For one, he’s the founder of presentation powerhouse Missing Link, as well as the co-founder of 21Tanks, HumanWrit.es and The Sales Department. He also has three great books under his belt such as Legacide, Boredom Slayer, and Story Seller.

This is a guy who’s passionate about public speaking, entrepreneurship, and generally, just being a better human, and it shows. That's why he works with executives and speakers around the world, helping them deliver unforgettable presentations that activate audiences and generate income.

Episode Note

Opportunities that initially feel great do not always work out. Sometimes, it's just distractions veering you off course. That’s why focusing your efforts and curating your time in alignment with your Vision and Core Values make a real difference whether you’re an entrepreneur or a leader in your organization. Rich Mulholland joins me on the show to unpack how to truly get deeper in your craft, putting your energy in the right place, and the real deal about authenticity.

7:42 The mistake serial entrepreneurs commit 

15:19 Rich talks about falling in love with his business again in the pandemic

21:14 How focusing on the glorification of the entrepreneur can be misguided

24:37 Curating your time to do things aligned with what you want to be

38:35 How society trains us to be dishonest

45:55 Have narrow opinions and go deep on them

53:14 The first step to authenticity in public speaking

55:08 Rich’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

“The difference between a leader and a manager is your ability to communicate. Go out there and lead.”




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