Is Private Equity Really Evil? The Story of How The Firefly Group Acquired EOS Worldwide | David Mann

May 5, 2021

Episode Summary

David Mann is a guy who’s got a lot of experience as an individual, as a competitor, and as an investor, with a time-tested level of virtuosity. He co-founded the Indiana-based venture capital firm Spring Mill Venture Partners that focused on early stage information technology and life sciences companies. After this stint, he co-founded The Firefly Group, which focuses on investing in growth-oriented lower-middle market companies. He also serves on a number of non-profit boards and spends his spare time as a faculty member at Indiana University, Kelley School of Business.

Episode Note

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Oftentimes, private equity is shrouded in a negative reputation, where making cold hard cash sans the human element is said to be put on the forefront. But these days, that’s far from the truth. Today, I am joined by investor-entrepreneur David Mann of The Firefly Group on how their company successfully acquired EOS Worldwide and to take a crack on the long-standing myths about venture capital firms, the importance of core values, finding purpose in business, and raising money.

9:18 Partnering with private equity is like a marriage

13:11 David talks about the decision makers and the processes in their venture capital firm

22:07 Raising money for your company

23:58 The landscape of buying and selling companies today

34:33 David shares his own core values story failure as a co-founder of The Firefly Group

37:16 Finding true balance in life and having time for fun 

40:06 The importance of authenticity and vulnerability

42:09 Finding joy in the good and the bad

46:06 Business can be a tool to positively impact lives

55:17 David’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

“Build your business on core values, live those core values yourself, and build your team.”





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