It’s Not Them, It’s You: How to Delegate What Matters Most | Ali Nasser

July 14, 2021

Episode Summary

Having a passion for entrepreneurship and growing up in a family of business owners, it wasn’t surprising that Ali Nasser began his journey to business at the age of 20. As a full-time college student, he took out a $30,000 credit card loan to hire his first employee.

Ali loves nothing more than supporting those in pursuit of their personal passion and vision, and today, he is the Visionary of AltruVista, a planning firm focused on helping business owners with their biggest financial and life decisions. On the side, he also speaks on topics bespoke to

Episode Note

As a business leader, you can’t be one person trying to do two things. For instance, you can’t be both the idea creator alongside being the enforcer and the executor, unless you want to achieve business goals half-baked, that is. There’s liberation in focusing on just one. And let’s face it, you want to be a hundred percent and win in what you do. The secret lies in letting go, empowerment, and delegation. Today, Ali Nasser joins me on the show to talk about the fears Visionary leaders have in hiring an Integrator, combatting those fears, and other crucial ingredients to breaking through the ceiling in your business.

7:07 Ali shares his realizations through the obstacles he encountered in establishing a business

14:53 The new visionary mindset: Allowing people to create the same outcome but take a unique path

19:54 Ali talks about being a serial tweaker and how it affected the dynamics in his team

29:52 The role of the Integrator

39:06 Balancing precision to detail as a leader and trusting your team

41:05 The Visionary and the Integrator have to be philosophically aligned.

52:25 How to find the right Integrator

1:07:37 Ali’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

“Take the time to be intentional,have a plan for all you’ve built, and bring those pieces together.”




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