What is the Enneagram of Personality and How it Can Help Leaders Connect with People Better | Josh Lavine

November 25, 2020

Episode Summary

Josh Lavine is a Holistic Personal Development Coach with a focus on leadership and teamwork. He interweaves psychology, spirituality, and developmental modalities to help you cultivate self-mastery across all domains of life. He also facilitates immersive workshops on the Enneagram. Josh graduated from Princeton in 2010 with a BA in English and Theater. He meditates daily and plays piano.

Episode Note

We spend a lot of time working on our business that we forget to work on the most important aspect of it - ourselves. Josh Lavine joins us on today's podcast to discuss the Enneagram, a valuable system for holistic inner development. We discover different Enneagram types, their specific vulnerabilities and defense mechanisms, and how you can use this information to not only gain clarity about yourself but to also communicate and connect with other people better.

3:22 - Leaders who are the most committed to the success of their business are also the most committed to gaining clarity about who they are on the inside.

10:21 - The Enneagram and its role in Inner Work

20:17 - When you push hard, people get defensive. When you listen and ask questions, you can influence other people better.

34:29 - How the Enneagram decodes our ability to interact with people who aren't exactly like us.

41:27 - Deep conversations don't necessarily arise out of social situations. You have to intentionally seek or start deep conversations.

48:32 - Different types in the Enneagram and their vulnerabilities

1:01:16 - Enneagram types that most entrepreneurs fall into

1:12:07 - The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box - it shows you the box you are already in and the way out

1:21:46 - Josh's passionate plea to entrepreneurs


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