How Defensive Cash Strategy Brings Security During Times of Uncertainty | Ken Greene

January 20, 2021

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Ken Greene (aka the Engineer of Finance) is a financial advisor and founder of Greene Finance & Insurance.

Ken began his career as a professional engineer who subscribed to a lucrative investment portfolio that included aggressive joint ventures, real estate, and the stock market. However, shortly after the market crash in 2008, he pivoted to the insurance and financial industry - where he quickly realized he was one of the few people who cared about educating their clients rather than just selling to them. He recognized that the financial industry needed to be run with precision and integrity like the engineering community he had come from.

Subsequently, he founded his own company, Greene Finance & Insurance, and has developed an approach to finance with an emphasis on growing your wealth and protecting it with traditional financial principles and investments off Wall Street. His desire to continue to educate and help people led to the creation of his podcast, ENGINEER OF FINANCE, where he talks about how to enjoy today and have a wealthier tomorrow.

Episode Note

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Oftentimes, we hear stories about entrepreneurs suddenly giving up their secure corporate job to follow their dreams and start their own businesses. While tales of nights sleeping on the couch, eating TV dinners for months, and barely scraping in pursuit of theirs dreams are definitely interesting, entrepreneurship doesn't have to be this way.

In today's episode, we are joined by the Engineer of Finance Ken Greene to bring home the idea that entrepreneurs should develop a defensive cash strategy instead of relying on credits and loans. I believe that this idealogy can make a huge difference not only when it comes to making the leap to entrepreneurship, but it is instrumental in keeping your company alive especially when faced with the unexpected such as COVID19 and the subsequent market crash.

4:42 - During times of uncertainty, just having that cash, that liquidity, creates a lot of certainty and peace of mind.

17:03 - Should you buy things in a depressed state so you can take advantage when the situation starts to improve?

25:40 - What's good for Wall Street's not that necessarily good for Main Street.

38:22 - Regardless if you have guaranteed cash flow, you still need 6 months to a year buffer for your income streams because weird things happen.

45:29 - When there's something to lose, people start to sharpen their game

56:14 - Create some certainty when you're about to do something very aggressive.

57:41 - Stress kills creativity; stress kills big thinking

1:02:59 - Ken's passionate plea to entrepreneurs

"Don't do it for the money; do it because you're passionate about it."





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