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Heart and head, Visionary and Integrator. Which one are you? Who are they in your company? In this episode, Mark delves into this important topic with EOS expert Mark Winters to help businesses get unstuck!

Episode Note

One of the biggest challenges for any CEO or business owner is to create a culture. It can be a full time job in and of itself. After all, you’re dealing with people who are also dealing with people. Different personalities, temperaments and backgrounds all come into play. So how does one navigate
those choppy waters? It has to start at the top….

2:50 WINTERS: Visionary vs Integrator
8:10 MARK: Qualities of a good Manager
9:25 WINTERS: People who fight to get into leadership and then realize what it takes
11:45 MARK: Compounding your “10X”
13:50 WINTERS: When a leader realizes they have a gap in a function, that’s when the problems get solved faster
25:45 WINTERS: Typical parallels for Integrators
32:35 MARK: The Integrator fights two battles
33:55 MARK & WINTERS: The Integrator breaks ties
37:20 WINTERS: The risks of onboarding the right Integrator
38:50 WINTERS: Visionaries typically like to hire Integrators just like them, which is a mistake

“Entrepreneurs are the answer to many of the problems we face.”

Production credit:
Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy
Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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