How Managing Financial Health Helps You Take Control of Your Life | Mathew Paul

May 5, 2020

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Mathew is a personal finance coach who came to this county to live the American dream, but who found out that path to financial freedom was not obvious, especially when tragedy hits.

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Staying in control of your finances is important, especially during times of crisis. Mathew Paul, Managing Partner and Financial Coach of Mayanah shows us how his life experiences and faith shaped his views about solving your money problems and using your success to help others who are struggling financially. Mathew and I talk about his experiences as an immigrant from India and how the loss of loved ones, unexpected expenses, and the '08 recession forced him to rethink the way he managed his finances.

05:00 The importance of setting aside fun/personal funds when budgeting.

09:03 How much money are you giving away for charity work?

17:11 Wanting to live the American dream leads to poor management of money. 

18:21 Mathew talks about losing his loved ones, unexpected medical expenses, and how the economic recession of '08 worsened his financial woes.

28:53 How Mathew turned his life around and took control of his money.

29:58 Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University https://www.daveramsey.com/fpu

36:05 We are currently living in a reactive world instead of being proactive.

37:50 Little things add up to elephants in the room

47:19 There is no shame in reaching out and asking for help.

53:50 How do you find your very best experts?

55:50 Digital marketing learning the language of your best customer.

1:05:16 Financial health and how it helps you take control of your life. 




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