Learn How EOS Helped Encore Search Partners' Organization Succeed | Scott Kelley

November 4, 2020

Episode Summary

Scott Kelley is the president at Encore Search Partners, a specialized recruitment and executive search firm. He is also the firm's EOS Integrator and has helped turn ESP into one of the fastest-growing recruitment firms in the Houston area. He also mentors a lot of professionals from various fields in Houston and is a member of several groups devoted to business development, entrepreneurship and business strategy.

Episode Note

Scott Kelley is not only the President of Encore Search Partners, he is the Integrator (and obviously runs the business on EOS), and he has seen firsthand how the system has turned their organization from "barely a company" to one of the fastest-growing recruitment firms in Houston. Today, we go through ESP's journey - from the difficult decisions they had to make for the sake of the company's growth to the major changes they had to make to finally get their organization going.

2:51 - ESP's humble beginnings with EOS

14:21 - Don't be afraid to cut your best performers if they are not a culture fit

23:14 - Delegation is a critical leadership skill that has to be in place for you to break through the ceiling

35:48 - With trust, employees become more open to giving constructive and honest feedback

44:27 - Visionaries and Integrators need to get comfortable with healthy conflict

54:51 - To become successful, you need someone who willing to have tough conversations.

1:11:46 - Scott's passionate plea to entrepreneurs

"Discover what your business stands for and what you want, and really be aggressive and intentional about achieving that - not accepting mediocrity in any step of the process."



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