The Health Care Industry's Weak Points, Explained | Ron Barshop

May 12, 2020

Episode Summary

Ron Barshop is the founder and CEO of Beacon Clinics, which is a leader in allergy testing and treatment in the healthcare world. Ron is an inventor and the podcast host of Primary Care Cures, which is really focused on the edge of what it is to fix the healthcare's many broken pieces.

Episode Note

My friend Ron is passionate about fixing the healthcare industry and today, we go over healthcare's many problems and how its weak points are exposed and magnified because of the current COVID19 crisis.

05:38 The end to the COVID19 crisis is in sight

07:10 The new normal will affect the arts and religion.

10:38 COVID crisis exposes the fragility of our current medical supply chain

12:11 A huge chunk of primary care facilities may shut down in the near future

13:12 Telehealth is the future of the healthcare industry

15:54 Insurance companies are winning the COVID crisis

21:36 Is the pain experienced by the healthcare industry short-term?

22:20 Trust is the currency that doctors trade on

30:48 Direct Primary Healthcare can revolutionize the way patients are treated

35:05 The key to health isn't clinic trials, it's trials in the wild.

43:15 Direct Primary Care eliminates unnecessary steps to make the treatment procedure more patient-friendly

47:30 Direct contracting helps companies save money in healthcare-related expenses by cutting out the middlemen

49:45 Our current bureaucratic healthcare system is the biggest hindrance to change

1:00:45 With less patients, doctors get more time to research to fully diagnose their patients.

1:06:50 Self-insurance is the obvious solution




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