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Casey Brown is the President of Boost Profits, a firm that helps companies generate more sales at higher prices for improved profits. For over two decades, she has formulated and executed pricing strategies, pioneered innovative pricing content, and coached and trained teams to drive culture change and dramatic, sustainable results.

Episode Note

Mark brings Casey Brown to talk about the absolutely *comfortable* subject of talking about pricing! Yes, for 60% of salespeople, it’s NOT a comfortable conversation to have, in fact it triggers some of their biggest fears!  

With degrees in Chemical Engineering, Spanish and Business and career experience in engineering, Six Sigma and pricing strategy for multiple Fortune 500 companies, Casey brings unmatched expertise to help clients discover their true pricing power—and watch their profits rise as a result.

Knowing it’s about so much more than numbers, Casey’s approach is insightful, empowering and proven to deliver results.

Casey volunteers hundreds of hours annually around the world, focused on meeting children’s basic needs, including cleft lip and palate repair with Free to Smile Foundation.

3:25 CASEY: Pricing in the real world works like high stakes poker

4:35 CASEY:  Today’s theme of pricing is chaos

5:00 CASEY: Telling someone what something costs isn’t comfortable

6:45 CASEY: We price “not to lose”....it comes from a place of fear

11:20 MARK: How “Money Taboo” plays into pricing

12:00 CASEY: 60% of salespeople are uncomfortable talking about money

16:15 MARK: Who to start talking to about pricing problems

18:50 CASEY: How do you see money conversations that have been shaped since you were young? 

20:25 MARK: The salesperson’s “head trash”

22:50 CASEY: 50% of getting pricing correct on the document, the other is how you feel about it

23:55 MARK: Commodities and undifferentiated selling

26:15 CASEY: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

27:45 CASEY: Methods of preparing for pricing conversations

32:10 CASEY: If you can’t build relationships, it’s tough to sell anything, but it always comes down to the stakes

33:45 CASEY: How to prep/pre-call plan for a pitch/proposal call, role playing

36:10 MARK: Not everyone is a good fit, don’t get “happy ears”

38:45 CASEY: Listening presently can open up other issues your customer may have that you can fix

41:00 MARK: Being emotionally aligned upfront towards an eager client

46:35 MARK: Using EOS prediction tactics in your selling process 

47:50 MARK: If you’re going to say ‘yes’ when you’re in high demand, it had better be worth it

54:10 CASEY: Examining your beliefs about your power as a buyer and seller

“You have to address the hidden mindset pitfalls stopping your salespeople from delivering on those skills day-in and day-out.”






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Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy

Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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