Surviving Near-Death Experience and How it Changes Your Priorities as an Entrepreneur | Tim Loney

November 18, 2020

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Tim Loney is the CEO of Solutions Information System, an IT services company with an astounding culture and loyal clientele. Tim has always been a passionate entrepreneur, but a brush with death has completely changed the way he runs his business in terms of delegation, directness, and tolerance, among other things.

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Tim Loney's story started out the same as most entrepreneurs - until one day, a near-death experience forced him to rethink his priorities and life choices. This raises some valuable questions - most important of which is how would you live your life differently if today was all you had, and would the top things on your priority list feel just as important?

4:50 - Tim's journey from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur

17:55 - The first few years running his own company

24:58 - Tim's brush with death

33:11 - Tim begins his battle with recovery and starts to realign his business

43:47 - You really come to appreciate the things in life that are most important to you - even things like time away from the business.

52:13 - How the experience changed Tim's tolerance level and his ability to hone in and focus on the important stuff.

57:13 - Learn to address issues immediately. Stop procrastinating, be direct, and stop beating around the bush.

1:00:23 - Have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place before you even need it

1:06:48 - Delegation is a 2-step process. You need to let go, and you need to have the right person to catch it.

1:15:26 - Tim's passionate plea to entrepreneurs. What he can tell his past self to get the important points across.

"Lower your tolerance level. Whether as a consumer of products and services or as the leader of an organization - you have to lower your tolerance level."



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